Recent news and projects

Snowy Owls @ Museum RietbergSeptember 2016. Snowy Owls @ Museum Rietberg Zurich Snowy Owls Zauberwald Lenzerheide 2015December 2015. Snowy Owls * Lenzerheide Zauberwald 2015 Interactive Artist's Books, Schweizerische NationalbibliothekOctober 2015. Interaktive Künstlerbücher für die Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek December 2014. Lenzerheide Zauberwald: Schneehasen August 2014. Firetraces February 2013. Leap Motion Experiment 01 January 2012. futureLAB Xmas campaign 2011 August 2011. fLARe * futureLAB Augmented Reality January 2011. Interactive Snowflakes October 2010. Semantic Development Generator Online April 2010. GESTURESPACE 2 @ ETH-Bibliothek Zurich November 2009. 文字 的并存 Multilingual Typography Workshop liberovision_bildSeptember 2009. LiberoVision Printed Matters 3720880351_b6f0370373_oJune 2009. GESTURESPACE: touchless control of interactive applications Step By Step learning to walk::a caterpillar robotJanuary 2009. Step By Step – Learning to walk Beratungspool::project management and requirements engineering for relaunchDecember 2008. Beratungspool Webapplikation Requirements Engineering November 2008. ETH E-Pics Google Image Export June 2008. Radio Move (Decoding Space) Sleepwalker game::save the little girl that climbs up the towerJune 2008. Sleepwalker real loaded evaluation_rotMay 2008. Software Visualization April 2008. As Printed: A Photographic Self-Portrait fluessigholz_smApril 2008. Material Culture: Liquid wood February 2008. Tiere richtig halten – How to keep animals blackbox_smDecember 2007. Black Box Remote Schweizer Grafikdesign im Web * Swiss graphic design in the internetDecember 2007. Swiss Web Typography Multlingual typography::mixing chinese and latin typefaces with same meaningNovember 2007. Multilingual Typography Zurich Workshop May 2007. Interaction Dynamic the cubes grow out with the movement in the blender game engineMay 2007. Encoding Space April 2007. ETH E-Collection February 2007. Screen Typography Visual Cryptography::a package box with hidden meaningJanuary 2007. Visual Cryptography Interactive color methodologies::Distribution of world religions in 3dJanuary 2007. Interactive Color methodologies September 2006. ETH E-Pics September 2006. Zukunft der Arbeit – The Future of Work April 2006. Die Reise February 2006. Ein Stück Zeit – Zeichnungen October 2005. Semantic Development – Semantischer Verlauf Ein Tisch ist ein Tisch::Bilder zu einer Kurzgeschichte von Peter BichslerFebruary 2005. Ein Tisch ist ein Tisch April 2004. Crocodile’s Story – Krokodilsgeschichte First flashs::three very simple animations just for funMarch 2004. First Flashs

A portal for ETH world – Portal für ETH World

March 2001. A portal for ETH world – Portal für ETH World
March 2000. Processing Natural Visual Stimuli using Neural Networks