Visual Cryptography

the closed box::this is the real model

This is a work on package design and cryptography (encrypted messages). When you open the box, the images will change. First, it will indicate on how to open it. Second, it will show what was inside. I used a variant of visual cryptography here.

Visual Cryptography a topic in mathematics and computer science. It is about the encryption of information in visual patterns or images. It is normally used with a paper and a transparent sheet – one serving as key, the other as encrypted message. If you put them over each other, it will show an image of the original information. This method is absolutely secure. Each of the pattern on the sheet or transparent is completely random. Only when combined, you can get any information out of it.

In my work, I use a variant of Visual Cryptography, where I have 2 transparent keys and 2 codes, together generating up to 3 messages (two of them are visible when the box is closed, the third one is revealed when the box is completely open).

Renderings from the early phase

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