ETH E-Collection

The ETH E-Collection is the Open Access institutional repository of ETH Zurich. It contains freely available fulltexts of many publications made at ETH. This also includes fulltext of all recent disserations since 2008 and all dissertations from 1904-1950 (which have been scanned and OCRized in a separate project). See for example Albert Einstein’s dissertation.

E-Collection is based on the open-source products of Fez and Fedora Commons. I was leading the development of these products into what became the current E-Collection. This included writing a complete fulltext search add-on (fulltext search using solr) and integrating bilingual design templates. The splendid and fresh webdesign was done by Stefano Vannotti. We also developed together an easier to use, dynamic advanced search form.

Besides all the technical things, I was also responsible for design and transformation of the metadata crosswalk from MARC/MARCXML to MODS and the corresponding update mechanisms to feed data nightly from the ETH library’s Aleph system into the E-Collection.

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