Semantic Development Generator Online

This image is generated from a PDF source (a draft made in Illustrator). The PDF is converted automatically to Postscript, the language of printers. The meaning of some “words” or “commands” in postscript is changed to include more randomness. In information theoretic terms: we increase the entropy of the communication. This will draw an image which has exactly the same underlying language, but will look different than the original.

Try it out yourself, with your own PDF. Go to the Online Semantic Development Generator

What can this be used for? Randomness / Zufall can be used as method for finding new forms and images. It is for getting inspirend and for getting ideas. In fact, randomness is used by many well-known artists (e.g. Schwitters-Arp) as a creative source in their work.

For me, this is an important topic at the root of language with cross-references to:

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