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Lenzerheide Zauberwald: Schneehasen

Reactive snow hares in the Zauberwald Lenzerheide 2014

Personal 2014


Firetraces: Interactive digital fire public outdoor installation

Personal, Uncategorized 2014

Leap Motion Experiment 01

Experiments with the LEAP motion controller

Personal 2013

Interactive Snowflakes

Touchless Gestural Body Interaction Interactive 3D Snowflakes

Personal 2011

Semantic Development Generator Online

Semantic development increases the entropy of the postscript language

Personal, ZHDK Vorkurs 2010

As Printed: A Photographic Self-Portrait

AS PRINTED a photographic self encounter

Personal, ZHDK IAD 2008

Tiere richtig halten – How to keep animals

Tiere richtig halten - How to keep animals winner campaign

Personal 2008

Zukunft der Arbeit – The Future of Work

Zukunft der Arbeit / The Future of Work Photographic portrait of 4 unusual careers

Personal 2006

Semantic Development – Semantischer Verlauf

Semantic Development - when the semantics of a visual language changes

Personal, ZHDK Vorkurs 2005

Crocodile’s Story – Krokodilsgeschichte

Sweet crocodile sees something interesting a photographic short story

Personal 2004

Sir Kay

Sir Kay Jump and run game (1992)

Personal 1992